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When We Mumble

Welcome to the Christie Lee and Associates Blog

The Christie Lee Associates blog “When We Mumble,” is just that, my mumbling on about what inspires me mixed with business.

As creative person, I get inspired by animals, nature, healthy ideas, and sometimes the challenge of programming can be very uplifting.

To some people, these articles will not be interesting, while others may find them perfect for what they want to read, learn more about or even get inspired by, for that particular day or at that particular moment.


Digital Nomads

Digital Nomads

There’s a global digital nomad movement, driven by the convergence of outsourcing, the globalization of talent, growth of tech and automation of our generation.
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Christie Lee Associates Blog

Streamline Your Business: Office Admin Hacks

This is article written by AND CO. Save yourself time and effort by implementing these tips for taking care of the administrative side of your freelance business.
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I’m Christie, the founder of Christie Lee and Associates. I’m a multi-disciplinary graphic designer, working with clients all around the world.

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