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Overflow FAQ - CLA Overflow

Overflow FAQ

Keeping your studio projects flowing smoothly.

About Overflow Freelance Graphic Design Service


Which services do you provide?

Everything from web design, logos, brochures to trade show material. You can visit the About page to view the complete list of services. If you need marketing material to grow your sales, you have come to the right place.

Which software do you use?

InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver and WordPress in a MAC based environment.

Do we need to meet in person to start my project?

No. Your marketing projects can be designed here in Ontario, Canada; then I supply the final, high resolution files for your printing needs. We can discuss your projects over the phone and your proofs will be sent through email, We Transfer or placed on our FTP for you to download and review before completing the job.

Do you handle the printing as well?

No. I can source printing and delivery for you if required and supply you with the quotes.

General Design Questions

What can a Freelance Graphic Designer do for me?

A Freelance Graphic Designer can assist your company with your marketing initiatives but is not hired internally. We act as outside contractors helping only when required. This is a great benefit to companies who cannot afford to hire an internal Graphic Designer or for companies with an overflow of design work.

Why do I need a Graphic Designer?

A Graphic Designer can keep you in touch with your target market by designing your…

• company image to let customers know who you are
• marketing material for acquiring new customers
• communication material to keep your customers

Why should I choose Christie Lee Associates | Overflow Graphics over other Freelance Graphic Designers?

You benefit from my…

• 18 years of experience
• strong logo and design skills
• research and understanding of your target market
• efficiency and attention to detail
• proven track record and satisfied customers

How long will it take you to complete my job?

This depends on the nature of the requirements. Every job is different.

It's amazing what creative thinking, expertise and collaboration will do.

About Overflow Pricing, Billing and Guarantee


How do I determine how much my project will cost?

A good place to start is on our 1hr. Quote page. There you will find a form which you can quickly fill out and submit. I will get back to you promtly with your quote. Quotes are based on a per-project basis, depending on the requirements.

Are there any extra or hidden charges?

No. All components of your project will be itemized in your quote.

Can a small business afford your design and marketing services?

Yes. I have priced and qualified my design services to be in line with the creative demands of the industry, as well as being cost effective for smaller businesses.

Can you do small jobs or one-off’s?

Yes. Companies often send me their smaller jobs (pamphlets, banners, logo alterations, direct mail revisions, etc.) so they can focus on completing their larger initiatives.

We require many marketing pieces to be created over time. Which is the most economical way of achieving this?

You can either hire a full-time graphic designer at $55k+ a year or you can hire me on a monthly contract, per-project basis or by hourly. Call me at 289.239.9205 to learn more.


What are your billing policies?

New customers always pay 30% of the project once the quote has been approved. The remainder is paid upon completion. If the project lasts more than 30 days, another 30% is paid at that time.

Repeat customers always pay upon completion of their projects or 30% every 30 days for longer projects.

How do you accept payment?

Current accepted methods of payment are with cheque or online money transfer through your bank.

What happens if the project you started is no longer required?

What happens if the project you started is no longer required?
If the project is cancelled for any reason, you will only have to pay for the amount of work performed based on my hourly rate of $50.00 ph.


What if I dislike the final product?

I will redesign the piece until it is to your liking. You and I will revisit your brief to make sure your requirements are met. It’s as easy as that.

If you believe I cannot complete the work to your liking, you pay only for the work done to date.

Do you have any testimonials?

Yes I do! Click here for the testimonials.

Click here for the testimonials.


Have a marketing project in mind?

Call 289.239.9205 to tell me the details.